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New Design of Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Installation

New Design of Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Installation

A good quality installation work is very important for achieving the final result of the renovation project you hope for. Any renovation project can be a tough journey for testing your skills and patience. It is important to follow certain steps in any renovation project, you are undertaking, and to choose the right people to work with you.I have created this article to let the general public know about my cabinet installation services, but also to simplify the steps anyone should be taking to get to the end of his or her renovation project without “bumps and bruises”.There is a lot of information out there. Many manufacturers, cabinet dealers, and stores are offering a variety of products. It is very easy to become disoriented in the middle of all that, not knowing anymore what you were actually looking for. *** Follow these steps and you should be fine ***

1. Pick your own style You have to find what you like and what you will feel great to have, once the project is completed. Do not listen to anybody, “that this will look better”, and “that is on special”…. remember: you will live with what you get, not the salesman. Search through magazines, showrooms or neighbor’s houses, and if you like something, “stay with it”!

2. Take measurements of your space and create a simple layout. In most cases, you will be working within the existing area that you have available. Mark locations of your appliances. Relocation of your fridge or stove is possible in many cases. Measure twice, and also create outlines of your new kitchen on the floor using a masking tape. That will help you to visualize the final layout.

You can use some 3-D planning tools offered by some dealers. I will enclose a link or two at the bottom of the web page. If such planning would be to much for you, you can always contact me ( if you live within our service area) or contact stores, dealers in your city; many of them provide such service, especially, if they see you as a potential customer.

3. Appliances New cabinets, new look, often, not always, mean “new appliances”.Now, when you know the good and bad aspects of your existing kitchen and you know what changes in the layout will work better for you. After you have chosen the new style, a color of your new kitchen, now, you will have to find your new appliances and get their actual measurements, so the installer knows how big is your new fridge, stove, microwave……

4. Sinks, faucets, kitchen accessories, trays etc…

sinks and faucets should also be available at the time of the installation, as many different models are available


The last step, but one of the most important!!! THAT IS WHAT WE DO and you can contact us to help you with your project and complete it for you.

As always a good judgment of your skills is needed in any project you might undertake, and that applies to kitchen installation as well.

Good luck with your project and CONTACT US for your kitchen planning and installation needs. Check the web page for other useful information.

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